As you’ve gone through life, your skin may have been confronted with a variety of conditions that you wish you could reverse. The effects can impact your self-esteem and confidence.

At Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics, we are pleased to offer CO2 laser resurfacing. This treatment offers dramatic results for deeper concerns that cannot be addressed solely on the skin’s surface. From deep wrinkles to stretch marks and scars, CO2 laser resurfacing in Zachary is a highly effective solution.

Treatment Details

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Consultation Required?


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7 to 14 days

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Sessions Needed:

1 to 3

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Results Duration:

1-5 years

What it Treats

  • Wrinkles

  • Scars

  • Irregular pigmentation

  • Irregular skin texture

  • Skin laxity

Why Try CO2 Laser Resurfacing in Zachary?

Deep Treatment

With CO2 laser treatment, it is possible to do a more deeply penetrating treatment with lasting results and minimal discomfort.


CO2 laser treatment is especially effective because of the customizable depth and power offered by laser technology. This makes CO2 laser resurfacing in Zachary perfect for tackling nearly any textural, pigmentation, or laxity concerns.

Long-Lasting Results

After a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment from Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics, many patients enjoy noticeable and lasting results for years after treatment.

WHAT TO EXPECT The CO2 Laser Resurfacing Process

Renaissance Dermatology Cosmetic Consultation

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At Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics, during your consultation, we’ll assess the current condition of your skin. We will take the time to listen to you to determine what you would like to achieve and if CO2 laser resurfacing is the right treatment right for you. If you’re a good candidate for treatment, we will give you detailed instructions to prepare for your appointment and ensure you get the maximum benefits.


The CO2 Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Our team is expertly educated and trained on the best techniques to ensure your treatment results. This process begins with roughly 30 minutes of topical numbing to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible. After which, the treatment will, depending on the targeted area, take between 30 to 90 minutes.


Next Steps

After CO2 Laser resurfacing with Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics, your provider will examine the treated area of your skin and go over post-treatment guidelines to ensure proper aftercare to maximize your results and schedule your follow-up appointments.

PRE-TREATMENT Pre-Care Instructions

Before CO2 Laser Resurfacing in Zachary, Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics Recommends:

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4 Weeks Prior

Avoid excessive sun exposure and tanning and use sunscreen daily. Apply a topical retinoid to the area nightly to prepare your skin for the laser treatment.

3 Days Prior

Avoid any medications that can cause photosensitivity (such as doxycycline).

2 Days Prior

If you have a prior history of fever blisters or shingles in the area that will be treated, start antiviral medication.

POST TREATMENT Post-Care Instructions

Following CO2 Laser Resurfacing in Zachary, Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics Recommends:

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48 Hours After

Follow all cleaning and moisturizing instructions. Keep the area moist with Vaseline or aquaphor. Ice packs can be used to alleviate discomfort along with Tylenol. You may choose to use Benadryl to help with any itching. Try to touch the treatment area as little as possible and always with clean hands.


The treated area is likely to feel similar to a sunburn; this is completely normal and to be expected. One of the most important components of your recovery will be rest.

Minimal Activity

You should plan for minimal activity for the first week after your laser resurfacing treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

CO2 laser resurfacing can effectively improve fine lines and wrinkles, surgical and acne scarring, and certain pigmentation irregularities.

Depending on the depth of treatment, most patients fully recover in 10 to 21 days.

The benefits of CO2 laser resurfacing will continue to build for 3 to 6 months after treatment. That’s because the laser penetrates deep into the layers of the skin to repair deep-set damage and encourage collagen production.

For a partial area of the face, treatment can be accomplished in 30 to 60 minutes. A full facial takes approximately 2 hours.

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