Dull or dehydrated skin can emphasize poor texture and signs of aging. While there are many products and lifestyle factors that can affect skin texture, one of the best ways to get smoother skin is through microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a process that gives you smoother, glowing skin through exfoliation. This gentle yet effective skin treatment gets rid of dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy skin. The result is more youthful, hydrated skin you’ll love to feel.

Treatment Details

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Consultation Required?


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Sessions Needed:

5 to 6

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Results Duration:

3 to 6 months

What it Treats

  • Dull Skin

  • Fine Lines

  • Wrinkles

  • Discoloration

Why Try Microdermabrasion in Zachary?

Promote Healthier Skin

Over time, dead skin cells build up on the outermost layer of your skin (epidermis). This buildup creates a dull, flaky appearance that can emphasize texture. Microdermabrasion gets rid of dead skin cells, bringing healthy skin cells to the surface.

Improve Signs Of Aging

When you have dehydrated or dull skin, fine lines, and wrinkles stand out because the skin is less plump and hydrated. Microdermabrasion in Zachary at Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics can lessen the appearance of these lines by renewing the skin through exfoliation.

Reduce Texture

If you suffer from rough skin texture, improving skin cell turnover helps to smooth and resurface this texture over time.

WHAT TO EXPECT The Microdermabrasion Process

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Book Your Consultation

Any great skin treatment starts with a thorough consultation. At Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics, we ensure to match you with the best treatment for your needs. We’ll examine your skin, discuss your goals, and determine that microdermabrasion is right for you.


Schedule Your Appointment

Once we determine that this treatment suits your needs, we’ll book your appointment for microdermabrasion in Zachary at Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics. With a treatment time of less than an hour and zero recovery time, you can fit microdermabrasion into your schedule with ease.


Treatment & Next Steps

For the treatment itself, you’ll sit back and relax as your provider goes through the techniques of microdermabrasion. Your specialist will use a handpiece over your skin to get rid of the outermost layer of dead cells for a renewed, glowing finish. Once you’re finished, we’ll go over any aftercare instructions as needed. Your skin will feel smoother to the touch and possibly a little sensitive for a few hours. If needed, we’ll book follow-up appointments before you leave.

PRE-TREATMENT Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Microdermabrasion in Zachary, Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics Recommends:


2 Weeks Before

Avoid sun exposure and waxing for 2 weeks before your appointment.

3 Days Before

Stop any exfoliating products or treatments 3 days before microdermabrasion.

Additional Recommendations

Talk to your provider to see if they have any additional pre-care instructions prior to your first treatment.

POST TREATMENT Post-Care Instructions

Following Microdermabrasion in Zachary, Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics Recommends:


Sun Protection

Avoid direct sunlight and wear sunscreen.


Use gentle facial cleansing products to avoid irritating your skin.

Additional Recommendations

Talk to your provider to see if they have any additional aftercare instructions following your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long microdermabrasion results last will depend on the cycle of skin cell build-up. We typically recommend maintenance microdermabrasion treatments every 3 months.

Whether a chemical peel or microdermabrasion is better depends on your unique skin concerns, sensitivity, and goals for results. We can recommend the best treatment for you during your skin consultation with an expert provider.

Everyone’s skin is different, but we typically recommend microdermabrasion in a series of 5 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart. Further treatments are recommended every 3 months to maintain the benefits.

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