Unwanted hair on your face can make anyone self-conscious. Whether you want perfectly shaped brows or simply smoother skin, waxing is a fantastic alternative to shaving, depilatory products, and epilation.

At Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics, we offer comprehensive waxing services in Zachary. Our waxing experts can remove unwanted hair with a precise, fast technique to ensure your comfort.

Treatment Details

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Results Duration:

3 to 4 weeks

What it Treats

  • Eyebrows

  • Face

Why Try Waxing in Zachary?

Less Skin Irritation

Other forms of hair removal, like shaving or depilatory can irritate sensitive skin, so even when you’re hair-free, you might have unsightly bumps. Waxing is much less irritating on your skin.

Longer-Lasting Results

Since waxing removes hair at the root instead of just the outer surface of the skin, the results are much longer lasting.

Slower Hair Growth

If you routinely receive waxing services, your hair will grow back slower and finer over time.

WHAT TO EXPECT The Waxing Treatment Process

Facial Waxing

Consultation If Desired

If it helps you feel more comfortable, you are more than welcome to book a consultation for waxing services. We can see the density and thickness of your hair type and answer any questions you may have about the waxing process. Then, we can book your waxing appointment.


Waxing Treatment

We’ll prepare the area, ensure you are comfortable, and begin the treatment. Our waxing professionals work quickly and effectively to minimize pain while delivering outstanding results.


Next Steps

After your appointment, your provider will go over any aftercare instructions. Most patients experience skin sensitivity for a 1-3 days following treatment. Make sure to avoid excess sun exposure or other irritants during that window. Then, we can book your next waxing appointment.

PRE-TREATMENT Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Your Waxing Treatment in Zachary, Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics Recommends:

Facial Waxing

Avoid Shaving

Avoid shaving until your hair growth is 1/4 of an inch.

Avoid Scented Products

Avoid scented lotions and creams on the treatment area.

Take Pain Reliever

Take an over-the-counter pain reliever before the waxing appointment if needed.

Remove These Items

Wear minimal or no jewelry. Remove any contact lenses prior to the appointment.

Prepare Ice Packs

We recommend purchasing and/or preparing ice packs prior to your procedure to help minimize swelling.

Avoid Retinoids

Discontinue retinoids or any exfoliants at least one week prior to your waxing procedure.

POST TREATMENT Post-Care Instructions

Following Your Waxing Treatment in Zachary, Renaissance Dermatology & Aesthetics Recommends:


No Shaving/Scratching

Avoid irritating the treated area by shaving, scratching, etc.

Use a Cold-Compress

Apply a cold-compress as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend regular waxing appointments every 3 to 4 weeks to accommodate the stages of hair growth. This timeframe may vary for each individual and their hair type.

For most people, waxing is better than shaving or plucking because it requires much less maintenance, slows hair growth over time, and causes less irritation.

Pain tolerance varies a lot from person to person. In general, the treatment area often dictates how painful the waxing may be. Our waxing specialists work hard to be quick without sacrificing quality service to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout. You can also take an over-the-counter pain medication before your appointment if needed.

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